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Where to Buy Ariana Grande’s Cat Ear Headbands

In interviews, Ariana Grande has always admitted her love for animal ears. When she went to Japan, she visited Harajuku and found some cute cat ear headbands, hence, Ariana has frequently worn her cat ear headband. From wearing it to award shows, to live performances, and even when she’s home as seen on her IG feed, it’s quite obvious that Ariana’s enamored with her cat ear headbands.

With millions of adoring fans worldwide and a cult social media following, Ariana Grande has set a global trend for cat ear headbands! Now, everybody wants to know where to buy all her cat ear headbands!

Hold tight Arianators and fashionistas, we’ve compiled some of Ariana’s favorite cat ear headpieces or a similar design to it and where you can possibly buy it!

  • Ariana Grande Lace Cat Ears

Ariana Grande loves her cat ears headbands in dainty and delicate pieces, often custom handmade for her. The one she’s often seen wearing in various appearances and guesting is the lace cat ear headbands in black, white, and black/white combination.

This Ariana Grande Lace Cat Ears has a satin-wrapped band in keeping with the delicate style. The cat ears are handmade, woven with flimsy lace detailing and adjustable for your preference. You can shape it rounder or to a more pointed one with this lace cat ears. Although it does not come with a white or a black and white colour combi variant, the Ariana Grande Lace Cat Ears is as close to what the superstar is wearing in most of her outings.

  • Mudder Cat Ear Headband

One of Ariana’s favorite cat ear headband pieces is the rhinestone-encrusted one. While it may not exactly be the same headband, we’ve found a very similar product to it in the Mudder Cat Ear Headband. This cat ear headband has an uncanny similarity to Ariana’s thin silver headpiece complete with rhinestones.

This set comes in two pieces, silver and gold. The band itself is made of flimsy metal material for that delicate look and flexible fit you can wear all day without hurting your head. The cat ears are adorned with crystal rhinestones. This cat ear headband is suited for masquerade balls, proms, and going to one of Ariana’s concerts!

Cat Ears Headband for Women

Another cat ear headband usually seen on Ariana is the PVC type headpiece. Simple, yet elegant, this all black headband is a great addition to any costume or even to your daily wear.

We found this Cat Ears Headband for Women similar to what Ariana has. With high-quality raw materials, this handmade piece is made of durable PVC material. The band is fitted with cloth and the cat ears are also made of cloth. It has good elasticity so wearing it for a long time won’t be a problem.

This cat ear headband is suited for various occasions and is perfect for both little girls and women. If you’re an Arianator, this PVC cat ear headband is a must!


With Ariana Grande’s massive collection of cat ear headbands, there are so many more that she wears on several different occasions. While she is also known for having some of her headpieces custom made to suit her style, there is also a handful of almost similar cat ear headbands that can be bought online, especially on Amazon. It’s only a matter of finding the right one.



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