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Top Five Beautiful Cat Ears Headband

Cat-themed fashion has been a trend in Japan especially among teenagers and young adults. With the need to express their love for cats, clothing, bags, shoes, and even accessories have become all the rage these days. In fact, it has become such a novelty that even American singer and songwriter, Ariana Grande took to wearing cat ear headbands when a fan in Japan gave her one.

One of the most popular cat-themed accessories is the cat ear headband. Whether you’re wearing it for a Halloween costume party or just feel like accessorizing with it, you’re bound to receive adorable compliments.

If you’re looking for cat ear headbands that wow, here are the top five based primarily on design and customer reviews:

  • Anna Belen ‘Felina’ Glitter Cat Ears Headband

The Anna Belen ‘Felina’ Glitter Cat Ears Headband is purrfect! Made of high-quality materials, this cat ears headband comes with a very simple design, which makes it ideal if you really want to wear one even on ordinary days. It has a satin-wrapped headband and the cat ears are regular sized yet puffy. The highlight of this headband are the glittery cat ears that are sure to catch attention.

The Felina Glitter cat ears headband is suited for both children and the not-so-young anymore. It comes in one size, but because the headband is carefully wrapped in satin, it won’t hurt your head, even after prolonged use.

The fact that the headband is black makes it very easy to mix and match with your style. It can be worn with your catwoman costume or to rave parties. Despite its lightweight and thin construction, it does not easily break as these handmade cat ears headband are also durable.

  • A&S Creavention Cat Ear Cosplay Headband

Kawaii! The A&S Creavention Cat Ear Cosplay Headband screams cute and adorable, and it’s a perfect match for a Halloween costume or for cosplay. Going beyond the usual cat ears, this headband features a bell that jingles every time you move. The dangling pink ribbons that go with the cat ears and bell add more cuteness to the headband.

Quality wise, the A&S Creavention Cat Ear is well made. The headband itself is lightweight and thin, so just make sure to not be too robust when using it. The stitching on the cat ears are well sewn, so it doesn’t get damaged easily. If you plan to wear this all day to an anime convention, you’ll find it really comfortable and very lightweight. Price wise, it’s definitely a good value for money too.

  • Mokde Mondge Cute Cat Ear Hair Band for Women

Best for home use especially when you’re about to do your beauty routine during the day or night, the Mokde Mondge Cute Cat Ear Hair Band for Women is a great option. This cat ear hair band is both for aesthetics and functional purpose.

The Mokde Mondge hairband is all about comfort with its soft fluffy band and equally soft plush cat ears. While its main purpose is to hold your hair while you shower, put on some mask, or wash your face, many have also worn it outside as it is very comfy and adorable to look at.

Perfect for pajama parties or spa days with your BFFs, this Mokde Mondge Cat Ear Hair Band comes in many different colors that will surely turn heads!

  • Mudder Cat Ear Headband

Channel cute or sexy with the new Mudder Cat Ear Headband! This cat ear headband comes in a set of 6 pieces per pack and in a variety of colors you can choose from depending on your mood. Feeling cute and adorable, wear the pink or white headbands. If you feel like channeling your inner catwoman, then go for the leopard print or black cat ear headband. There’s basically a headband for each day of the week for your mood!

More than just the perky cat-shaped ears, this headband serves its purpose to hold your hair back in style. It is wrapped in soft material to not hurt your head, and it fits well on the head.

The great thing about this cat ear headband is that it’s a more subtle take on your favorite cat-related accessory. This headband is also perfect substitute for party hats whether for the young ones or the office pals!

  • VK Accessories Crystal Cat Ear Headband for Women/Girls

Classy – this is how I’d describe the VK Accessories Crystal Cat Ear Headband. If you want to put an elegant twist to your love for cat ear headbands, this piece is a sure collectible. This headband’s cat ears are adorned with rhinestones and a flower centerpiece. You can choose between different designs, as the flowers come in various shades.

Fit wise, this headband is made of thin and lightweight metal material, but it’s pretty comfortable to wear, even during the entire day’s use. It doesn’t dig in to the sides of the head. For bigger head sizes, the metal headband is pliant so a little bend of it can accommodate your head.

If you’re looking for that delicate cat ears headband for a masquerade ball or for prom, this definitely is a lovely piece that will complement your styling!


Regardless of the cat ear headband you want, there’s always something for you!

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