• Cat Costumes

    The Best Cat Halloween Costumes – Dress Up Your Fur Baby with Adorable Costumes

    There’s no reason your pet cat can’t participate in the festivities during Halloween or be the star of the show come holidays! There’s always a perfect costume for every cat no matter its personality. It’s just a matter of finding one that matches its personality perfectly, and viola! You can now show off your fur baby for everybody to appreciate! The primary consideration when choosing the best cat Halloween costume for your pet is its temperament. If you have a fussy cat, it’s best to get a simple no-nonsense costume. If your fur baby is the type to not give a care in the world, then it’s a definite treat…

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  • Cat Ear Headband

    Where to Buy Ariana Grande’s Cat Ear Headbands

    In interviews, Ariana Grande has always admitted her love for animal ears. When she went to Japan, she visited Harajuku and found some cute cat ear headbands, hence, Ariana has frequently worn her cat ear headband. From wearing it to award shows, to live performances, and even when she’s home as seen on her IG feed, it’s quite obvious that Ariana’s enamored with her cat ear headbands. With millions of adoring fans worldwide and a cult social media following, Ariana Grande has set a global trend for cat ear headbands! Now, everybody wants to know where to buy all her cat ear headbands! Hold tight Arianators and fashionistas, we’ve compiled…

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  • Cat Ear Headphone

    Top Three Cutest Cat Ear Headphones

    The year is almost over, but the rave for anything cat-related theme is just growing and growing and growing. If you’re looking to buy some serious cat ear headphones today, then you’re in the right place. A good cat ear headphone is more than just the cute cat ears or its aesthetic design. It also has to offer great sound, a decent bass, and durability. Without further ado, experts rank the three best cat ear headphones of 2018: Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones When it comes to cat ear accessories, you can never go wrong with anything endorsed by Ariana Grande, the ultimate cat ear accessory…

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  • Cat Ear Headband

    Top Five Beautiful Cat Ears Headband

    Cat-themed fashion has been a trend in Japan especially among teenagers and young adults. With the need to express their love for cats, clothing, bags, shoes, and even accessories have become all the rage these days. In fact, it has become such a novelty that even American singer and songwriter, Ariana Grande took to wearing cat ear headbands when a fan in Japan gave her one. One of the most popular cat-themed accessories is the cat ear headband. Whether you’re wearing it for a Halloween costume party or just feel like accessorizing with it, you’re bound to receive adorable compliments. If you’re looking for cat ear headbands that wow, here…

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