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How Brainwave Sensing Works

How Necomimi Works

Instructions for Use

Getting Started Instructions

Proper Necomimi Care

Necomimi is a sophisticated scientific headset that, while durable for all kinds of wear, should be handled with care.
1) Caution: The motor is very sensitive.
2) Do not interfere with the ears when turned on.
3) Turn off when installing ears.

A Few Additional Hints

• Watch for hair or loose objects at the ear base.
• Do not glue or attach anything to the ear base. This will void your warranty.
• Use quality batteries, in the proper orientation.
• Head sensor must be flush to your forehead. Hair, heavy make-up will interfere with the connection.
• Check ear clip for proper connection and avoid direct contact from metal earrings or other jewelry. You can still wear jewelry, but it cannot touch the ear clip.

By following the suggestions above, you will join the tens of thousands who have caught Necomimi Fever! We look forward to seeing what makes your ears wiggle on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.
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